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Aerial photographs are used across many industries including real-estate, marketing, brochures etc. but low altitude, high quality shots can only be attained with our multi-rotor UAV systems. Our cameras range from full size DSRL down to point and shoot depending on the clients requirements and budget.


Our extensive line up of multirotor UAV’s carry anything from a full size DSLR down to a Go-Pro Hero 2. Some of these machines are operated by two people, one as a pilot and the other controls the pan and tilt of the camera. All setups are complete with a live video downlink to ensure the best possible footage.

Alternatively we have fixed wing UAV aircraft fitted with onboard video recording for long distances or high altitude flying requirements. We don’t just have one machine because each job is different; each client has different needs and budgets. We are confident that we can get you what you need within your budget.

Please check out the following links for some of our recent video work with Kicker inc.

CTV Fall promo

Developer video

Below you can see a photo of just two of our many machines. These machines fold down and are packed into this pelican case for transport on airplanes or in vechicles. This case contains everything required for a professional level aerial video shoot and has two of everything including two helicopters and two camearas. We affectionatly call it the "Ark" for this reason.

The "Ark"


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